Cathy shares her passion for Reiki with her clients throughout central Utah, helping them live a more conscious and loving life. Cathy is passionate about making a positive impact. Her practice developed through years of soul-searching, seeking her purpose, and wanting to create something meaningful with her life that incorporated her passion for self-discovery and authenticity.

Photography by  Monika Duran Studio

Photography by Monika Duran Studio

Cathy is a lover of people, a mother to her amazing son Mitchell, and she spent 20 years teaching elementary school. It was during her teaching career that her spiritual journey began. She aspired for more of herself. Cathy began taking spiritual workshops. She began to awaken to more facets of herself. After her teaching career, she still yearned to assist people in becoming the best versions of themselves. Cathy believes that is exactly what Earth needs - authentic and balanced souls. After close family and friends experienced serious health issues, and Cathy felt incapable of offering any significant relief to them, her anxiety and sadness reached an all-time high. That is when she discovered Reiki, or as she prefers to put it, Reiki found her. She booked her first Reiki session, in the hopes of finding a gentle, peaceful, and safe mode of healing herself.  

“During my first Reiki session, which happened to be a remote session, I felt a tingling sensation in a few of my chakras. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace. After the session, the Reiki Practitioner (who performed the session from another state) sent me a follow up summary about my session. The chakras she noted in the summary that she had worked on unblocking were the same chakras where I had felt the tingling sensations during the session. I was blown away. I eventually scheduled two more remote sessions, and as I progressed through them, I noticed I was feeling more balanced and aligned with my true self. I was in awe. I decided I wanted to experience an in-person session and found a local practitioner, Lisa, who ultimately became my Reiki Master. Once again, I was moved deeply. Prior to my in person Reiki Session with Lisa, I had been feeling very emotional and confused about some life choices. After my session with Lisa, I felt more balanced and at ease. I had a sense of calmness. I felt supported. I felt more in-tune with myself. I had a 2nd session a week later. Again, I became increasingly in-tune with myself. And that feeling didn’t dissipate. It left a lasting impact on my mental, emotional and physical state. I couldn’t believe that I had been living all of these years without it. ”

Cathy was so impacted by her Reiki experiences that she decided to become a practitioner herself. She began to study the art of Reiki, taking classes that ultimately led to becoming a practitioner. Cathy believes that Reiki is one of the most beautiful gifts we are given by the universe. Her hope is to introduce as many people as she can to the life-changing power of Reiki, and Reiki by Cathy was founded on that guiding principle and hope. 

Cathy has a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Whitewater-Wisconsin. She has a Master’s Degree in The Art of Education from Aurora University in Illinois. She has completed numerous spiritual workshops through the Rise Leadership Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as attended two meditation retreats taught by the acclaimed Dr. Joe Dispenza.  She is a certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki 2 Practitioner. She IS the embodiment of lifelong learning. Cathy’s life work is to get an “A” is the “School of the Universe.” She is committed to being the best version of herself through empowering others to be the best version of themselves!